Media Studies

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Mrs Jeevan Jandu (ext 564)

Curriculum Overview

Contemporary society is media-saturated, with multi-national media institutions shaping our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.

In this context, a variety of literacy skills are needed to explore fully and enjoy the range of media texts now in circulation.

To this end, the AQA Media Studies course equips pupils both with the language necessary to analyse media texts, and the technical skills needed to create their own. 

AQA GCSE Media Studies

Unit 1: Investigating the Media
Exam Unit – 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40%
External Assessment, based on pre-released topic which changes annually.

Unit 2: Understanding the Media
Controlled Assessment taken from banks of set assignments – 90 marks – 60%
Three Assignments: Introductory assignment; Cross-media assignment; Practical Production and Evaluation.

AQA AS Media Studies (single award)

Unit 1: Investigating Media
Exam Unit – 2 hour – 80 marks – 50%
Section A: four compulsory essay questions.
Section B: Choice of one from two essays (based on a Cross-Media Study).

Unit 2: Creating Media
Coursework Unit – 80 marks – 50%
Externally set production briefs. Students choose two linked production pieces taken from two of the three media platforms, plus 1500 word evaluation.

AQA A2 Media Studies

Unit 3: Critical Perspectives
Exam Unit – 2 hour – 80 marks - 25%
Section A: three compulsory essay questions.
Section B: Choice of one from two essays (based on the key concepts of Representation OR New Digital Media).

Unit 4: Research and Production
Coursework Unit – 80 marks - 25%
Critical Investigation (48 marks based on a 2,000 word essay.
Linked Production (32 marks based on students’ practical production).

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