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Mrs S Ruddy

What is PSHCE?

The aims of Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE) education in our school is to create a programme of learning through which you acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to manage your life. 

PSHCE isn’t just another school subject. 

It’s a chance to give you all an equal opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge you need to thrive now and in the future.  

This includes helping you deal with critical issues you face every day such as friendships, emotional wellbeing and change.  From making informed decisions about alcohol to succeeding in your first job, PSHCE helps you prepare for all of the of opportunities, challenges, life decisions and responsibilities you’ll face.

When will you learn PSHCE?

At Herschel, PSHCE is taught in three ways:

1.   within normal lessons

2.   in PSHCE lessons with your tutor and form time

3.   in PSHCE modules, covering topics like globalisation, politics and the government, identities and diversity of course all the Citizenship-related things that YOU do yourself, in school and out of school

What will you learn?

For 2022-2023, the following topics are covered.

In Year 7

  • Introduction to Herschel –transition to secondary school, developing resilience and safer/responsible use of mobile devices
  • Choices – identity, psychological needs and decision making 
  • Relationships and Sex Education – healthy relationships, coping with puberty, consent and mental health

(N.B. Resources available to download at the bottom of the page)

  • Health and Drugs – diet, exercise, lifestyle balance and healthy choices (smoking, hygiene, sleep)
  • Diversity-identity, cultural customs and traditions
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on friendship, kindness, growth mindset, online safety, and careers

In Year 8

  • Financial capability-needs vs wants, role of money, bank accounts and taxes
  • Citizenship-democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Public speaking – practicing and performing a speech to peers
  • Sex and relationships – families, healthy relationships, peer pressure, stereotypes and online safety

(N.B. Resources available to download at the bottom of the page)

  • Careers-transferrable skills, personal career choices and equality in the workplace
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on positive relationships, bullying, consent, sending semi-nude images, mental health and wellbeing, cyberbullying and conflict resolution

In Year 9

  • First aid - practical course geared towards saving lives
  • Drugs - types of drugs, understanding the risks and visit from local police
  • Careers - pathways after Year 9, choosing options, researching future choices
  • Financial capability – impact of financial decisions, consumer awareness, budgeting, roles of banks and debt
  • Relationships and Sex Education – personal values, assertive communication, contraception, sexual health, relationship challenges, FGM and domestic abuse 

(N.B. Resources available to download at the bottom of the page)

  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on mental health and wellbeing, positive relationships, racism and bullying 

In Year 10

  • Media and digital literacy-managing online presence and assessing reliability of online sources 
  • Religious Studies -comparing views of religions on war and peace
  • Health- responsible choices, stem cells and organ donation, vaccinations and cancer
  • Global Awareness – current global issues, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Religious Studies -comparing views of religions on human rights and justice
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on time management, consent, careers, mental health and wellbeing, child sexual exploitation and ULAS 

In Year 11

  • Careers - pathways after Year 11, apprenticeships, transferable skills, work experience preparation and labour markets
  • Study skills – improving ways of processing information, study techniques and improving academic performance
  • Drugs awareness – alcohol and drug misuse, the law and peer pressure
  • Relationships-diversity, bereavement, loss, and a visit from DASH
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on careers, exam preparation, consent, domestic violence and NCS

In Year 12

  • Coping with sixth form - team building, managing relationships, study skills and staying safe
  • Preparation for driving - including a visit to the award-winning Safe Drive, Stay Alive theatre event 
  • Philosophy and ethics - debate centred around 'Touching the Void'
  • Life Skills-employability and online presence, visit from WizeUp Finances
  • Next Steps-UCAS and personal statements
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on online safety, diversity, sexual harassment, writing personal statements and The Big Debate.

In Year 13

  • Next Steps 2-managing deadlines, interview practice and personal statements
  • Diversity-cultural appropriation and different perspectives 
  • Finances-savings accounts, mortgages, loans and budgets
  • Health and Relationships-healthy relationships, sexual health, cancer screening, fertility and routes to parenthood
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on The Big Debate, global and political issues

PSHCE related school policies

Click HERE to read the current school PSHCE policy, the current school policy on sex and relationship education, the current school policy on drugs education, and the current school policy on community cohesion.


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