'How to' Videos

Here are some ‘How to’ videos (available on YouTube) to help Herschel students with any issues that they may come across over the school year. More helpful videos will be added over time.

How to book a Parent Evening Slot : http://youtu.be/uDbmZCFRIe0

How to interpret a Year 7 Report with marks for the first time : http://youtu.be/Thmed2XoMBM

How to load money to pay for things on Parentmail : http://youtu.be/XmlnCUBd4C0

How to use Kerboodle: http://youtu.be/_-4fjbN98nQ 
How to Reset your password: http://youtu.be/rCGpjK1C8FA 
Feedback from Mentoring Day (Y7) - Good to Exemplary: http://youtu.be/2kSEuFjojoM 

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