Click on the download below to read the school's most recent Ofsted report from September 2012 or click here to go to the report on the Ofsted website.

“Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are outstanding and contribute to the calm, purposeful ethos in the school and to their progress in lessons.”

“Pupils thrive in the school’s academic, yet very caring and secure, environment.”

“Pupils’ behaviour and attitude to learning are real strengths. Pupils behave politely and with courtesy in lessons and around the school.” 

“Arrangements for performance management and appraisal are excellent. Teachers new to the school and to teaching are very well supported. Staff value the process and opportunities for professional development.” 

“GCSE results have been consistently well above the national averages over the past five years” 

“Teachers have very high expectations. They draw on their very strong subject knowledge to pose challenging questions and to set pupils demanding tasks, to which pupils respond with interest and enthusiasm. The level of discussion is inspiring. Pupils regularly engage in high level challenging philosophical and theoretical discussions.”


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